USS Guardfish II
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Guardfish II SS(N)-612

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Guardfish II

(SS(N) 612: dp. 3,770; 1. 279'' b. 32~; dr. 29', s. 1G k.
cpl. 99; a. 4 21" tt.; cl. Thresher)

The second Guardfish (SS(N)-612) was laid down by New York Shipbuilding Corp., Camden, N.J., 28 February 1961, launched 16 May 1966, sponsored by Mrs. Kenneth E. Belieu, wife of Assistant Secretary of Navy, and commissioned 20 December 1966, Comdr. G. H. Hines in command.

At present Guardfish is undergoing tests and shakedown. Once completed, she will join the Pacific Fleet to become yet another link in the Navy's ever expanding underwater deterrent force. In addition to her primary mission of seeking out, attacking, and destroying all types of enemy ships, she can conduct long-range reconnaissance and surveillance patrols and can carry out extensive ASW operations. Her high-speed, deep-running, far-ranging mobility and her deadly array of modern armament and ASW equipment make her an important part of the Navy's continuing task of "keeping the peace" over the vast reaches of global waters.