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L-11 SS-51

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(SS - 1: dp. 450 (surf.), 548 (subm.); 1. 167'5"; b. 17'5";
dr. 13'7", 8. 14 k. (surr.), 10.6 k. (subm.), cpl. 28

L11 was laid down 17 February 1915 by Fore River Shipbuilding CQ, Quincy, Mass., Iaunched 16 May 1916 sponsored by Miss Mary Richards Latimer, and commissioned 15 August 1916, Lt. ( jg. ) W. R. Carter in command.

Assigned to the Atlantic Submarine Flotilla, L-11 operated along the East Coast developing new techniques d undersea warfare until April 1917. Atter America's entry into World War I, submarines were needed to protect Allied shipping lanes to Europe, and L-ll departed Boston 4 December to undertake the task. Following a period of patrol and repair in the Azores, the submarine arrived Ireland in mid-February 1918 to Join Submarine Division 5 in antisubmarine patrol off the British Isles.

For the next 9 months she ranged shipping lanes' sighting enemy U-boats on three occasions. On 11 May she made a torpedo attack on an enemy sub with inconclusive results.

After the Armistice, L-11 operated out of Portland, England, until 3 January 1919 when she sailed for the United States. Arriving Philadelphia 1 February, she operated off the East Coast for the next 4 years developing submarine warfare tactics. L-ll decommissioned at Hampton Roads, Va., 28 November 1928, and was scrapped 28 November 1933.