USS Dogfish SS-350
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Dogfish SS-350


Any of various small sharks.

(SS-350: dp. 1,626; 1. 311'9", b. 27'3"; dr. 16'3"; s. 20
k.; cpl. 66; a. 1 6", 10 21" tt.; cl. Gato)

Dogfish (SS-350) was launched 27 October 1945 by Electric Boat Co., Groton, Conn.; sponsored by Mrs. A. M. Morgan; and commissioned 29 April 1946, Commander T. S. Baskett in command.

Dogfish sailed out of New London on local duties and cruised to the Caribbean and Bermuda to conduct training. She was overhauled and extensively modernized at Philadelphia Naval Shipyard from August 1947 to April 1948, and then served in experimental projects as well as normal operations at New London. From 31 October to 19 November 1948 she took part in large-scale fleet exercises ranging from the waters off Florida to Davis Strait between Labrador and Greenland.

She cruised to Scotland, England, and France between 4 February and 3 April 1949 and joined in a convoy exercise off Cape Hatteras in February and March 1952, and operated along the east coast and in the Caribbean during the next 3 years.