USS D-3 SS-19
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D-3 SS 19


(SS 19: dp. 288, 1. 134'10"; b. 13'11"; dr. 11'8"; s. 13 k.;

D-3 was launched as Salmon (SS-19) on 12 March 1910 by Fore River Shipbuilding Co., Quincy, Mass., under subcontract from Electric Boat Co., Groton, Conn.; sponsored by Miss R. Fitzgerald; and commissioned 8 September 1910, Lieutenant D. G. Weaver in command. She was renamed D 3- , 17 November 1911.

The new submarine joined the Atlantic Torpedo Fleet at Newport. The torpedo fleet was active along the east coast and made a cruise to the Caribbean between 17 October 1912 and 20 January 1913 after which D~ remained to serve with the forces operating in Mexican waters following the occupation of Vera Cruz. She rejoined the flotilla at Norfolk 16 June 1914 and with them visited Washington, D.C., from 17 to 22 July, before returning to their homeport 24 July. From 21 September 1917 D-3 served as flagship of Submarine Division 2. She trained aspiring submariners at Newport and New London until placed in commission in reserve 5 September 1919. She was placed in ordinary 15 July 1921. Towed into Philadelphia Navy Yard 20 March 1922, D-3 was decommissioned the same day and sold 31 July 1922.