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Barracuda SSK-1

Barracuda II

(SSK-1: dp. 765; 1. 196'1"; b..24'7"; dr. 14'5"; s. 13 k.; 1, cpl. 37; cl. Barracuda)

The second Barracuda (SSK-1) was launched 2 March 1951 by Electric Boat Division, General Dynamics Corp., Groton, Conn., as K-1 (SSK-1); sponsored by Mrs. Willis Manning Thomas; and commissioned 10 November 1951, Lieutenant Commander F. A. Andrews in command.

Barracuda Joined Submarine Development Group 2, with her home port at New London, Conn. She cruised along the Atlantic coast of the United States and C,anada in the Caribbean, and made a voyage to Greenock and Rothesay, Scotland, in June 1955. On 15 December 1956 her name was changed from 8-1 to Barracuda" (SS1~-1). During intervals between and after these cruises, Barrucuda has operated along the eastern seaboard carrying out training and experimental exercises.