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Barracuda SF-4


(SF-4: dp. 2000; 1. 841'6"; b. 27'7", dr. 15'11", s. 18.7
k.; cpl. 56; a. 1 5", 6 21" TT.; cl. B)

The first Barracuda (SF-4) was launched as V-1, 17 July 1924 by Portsmouth Navy Yard; sponsored by Mrs. Cornelia Wolcott Snyder wife of Captain Snyder, and commissioned 1 October 1924, Lieutenant Commander B. Picking in command.

On 8 November 1927 Squadron 20 left Portsmouth, N. H. for San Diego, arriving 3 December. Between December 1927 and May 1932 V-l served with the Squadron on routine operations with the fleet along the west coast, in the Hawaiian Islands, and in the Caribbean. Her name ~was changed to Barracuda 9 March 1931 and her designation to SS-163, 1 July 1931. In May 1932 she went into Rotating Reserve with Submarine Division 15 at Mare Island. In January 1933 Barracuda was assigned to Submarine Division 12 and, until late in 1936, operated along the west coast and cruised to Pearl Harbor and the Canal Zone with the 'fleet. On 28 October 1936 she left San Diego for the Caribbean where she took part in the Gravimetric SurveyExpedition. On 8 January 1937 Barracuda sailed from St. Thomas, V. I., and arrived at Philadelphia 14 January, where she remained until placed out of commission 14 May 1937.

Barracuda was recommissioned at Portsmouth, N. n. 5 September 1940 and assigned to Submarine Division 9. She sailed from Portsmouth 2 March 1941 to Bermuda; returned in June; and joined Submarine Division 71. She remained in the New England area until sailing from •New London 17 November 1941 to join the Pacific Fleet. She attended to duty in the Pacific Patrol Area until 15 December 1941 when she rejoined the Atlantic Fleet. Between 16 December 1941 and 7 September 1942 Barracuda was attached to Submarine Division 31 and completed six war patrols in the Pacific Ocean, southwest of Panama, without enemy contacts.

Barracuda returned to Coco Solo, C. Z., 7 September 1942 and, following voyage repairs, she proceeded to Philadelphia for overhaul.Following overhaul she was based at New London until February 1945 with Submarine Divisions 13 and 31. She operated on training problems with destroyers, other submarines, and planes in Block Island Sound. Barracuda arrived at Philadelphia Navy Yard 16 February 1945, was decommissioned 3 March 1945; and sold 16 November 1945.