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B-2- SS-11


(SS-11: dp. 145; 1. 82'5"; b. 12'6", dr. 10'7"; s. 9 k.;
colt 10; a. 2 18" TT.; cl. B)

B-2 was launched 1 September 1900 by Fore River Shipbuilding Cv., Quincy, Mass., as Cuttlefish (SS-l1); sponsored by Miss Eleanor Gow, daughter of Commander J. L. Gow; commissioned 18 October 1907, Lieutenant E. J. Marquart in command, and reported to the 2d Submarine Flotilla, Atlantic Fleet.

Cuttlefish operated along the Atlantic coast, running experiments, testing machinery and equipment, and conducting extensive training exercises until going into reserve at Charleston Navy Yard 30 November 1909. Recommissioned 15 April 1910 she served with the Atlantic Torpedo Fleet until joining the Reserve Torpedo Group at Charleston Navy Yard 9 May 1911. The boat was renamed B 2, 17 November 1911. B-2 remained in reserve until placed out of commission 4 December 1912. On 6 December 1912 she was towed to Norfolk and loaded on board Ajax (AC-15) for transfer to the Asiatic Station. Sailing via the Suez Canal, Ajax arrived at Cavite, Philippine Islands, 30 April 1913 and B-2 was launched 12 May. She was recommissioned 2 August 1913 and assigned to the Torpedo Flotilla, Asiatic Fleet. She remained on duty in the Philippines until decommissioned at Cavite 12 December 1919. B-2 was subsequently used as a target.