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Alaska SSBN-732



(SSBN-732: dp. 16,600 (surf.), 18,750 (subm.),1. 560', b. 42', dr. 35.5'; s. 20+ k.; cpl. 133; a. 24 Trident mist, 4 21" tt.; cl. Ohio)

The fourth Alaska (SSBN-732) was laid down on 9 March 1983 at Groton, Conn., by the Electric Boat Division of the General Dynamics Corp.; launched on 12 January 1985; sponsored by Mrs. Catherine Ann Stevens; and commissioned at the Submarine Base, New London, on 25 January 1986, Capt. Paul L. Callahan (Blue Crew) and Capt. Charles J. Chotvaes (Gold Crew) m command.

Alaska spent much of 1986 engaged in shakedown training for her two crews and in clearing up the many details that attend a new ship's addition to the Fleet.