USS Thomas Graham
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Thomas Graham

Thomas Graham

(Tr: t. 202; 1. 115'6"; b. 22'2"' dph. 12'2", s. 10 k.;cl. "Strath' )

Thomas Graham—a steel-hulled screw steam trawler built in 1918 at Bowling, Scotland, by Scott and Sons, for the British Admiralty—was leased by the Navy for service with the North Sea Minesweeping Detachment in May 1919. Based at Kirkwall, Scotland, she served with the detachment into the summer of 1919. Apparently, the ship's last official duty was to transport the body of Capt. Roscoe C. Bulmer, the commander of the North Sea Minesweeping Detachment, from Kirkwall to Inverness, Scotland. Capt. Bulmer had been severely injured in an automobile accident at Kirkwall on 4 August 1919 and had died on board Black Nawk (Destroyer Tender No. 9) on the following day.

Thomas Graham was returned to the Admiralty on 7 August.