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Sudbury ID-2149


(ID. No. 2149: dp. 10,400; 1. 385'; b. 51'; dr. 23'11;

Sudbury (ID. No. 2149) was built in 1917 by the Chester Shipbuilding Corp., Chester, Pa., and operated by the Shawmut Steamship Co. She was acquired by the Navy and commissioned on 5 March 1918 at Philadelphia for service in the Naval Overseas Transportation Service (NOTS).

Sudbury loaded a cargo of Army supplies and sailed on 20 March for New York where she joined a convoy that got underway for France four days later. She arrived at Brest on 8 April. From there, she proceeded to Bordeaux, unloaded her cargo, and sailed on 5 May for New York. The cargo ship made three more voyages to France in 1918. On 10 January 1919, she sailed from Philadelphia to Trieste and returned on 3 April. Eight days later Sudbury was decommissioned struck from the Navy fist, and returned to her owner.