USS Spitfire III
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Spitfire III

Spitfire III

(Sch.: t. 286; Ibp. 106'; b. 25'6"; dph. 11'8"; a. 2
long 9-pdrs., 1 long 18-pdr., 8 18-pdr. car.)

The third Spitfire was purchased at Baltimore between October and December 1814 for service in a squadron commanded by Commodore David Porter which was to operate out of southern American ports against British shipping in the West Indies. However, the Treaty of Ghent ended the second American war with England before Porter could get the squadron to sea.

However, as the United States ended war with England it was reopening hostilities with Algiers. As a result, the ships acquired for Porter's commerce raiding squadron were assigned to a squadron assembled for operations against the Barbary pirates, commanded by Commodore Stephen Decatur. Spitfire departed New York with the squadron on 20 May 1815 and sailed to the Mediterranean. On 19 June, had helped Epervier, Spark, and Torch to chase Estedio ashore at Cape Palos and capture that Algerine brig. Spitfire then sailed with the squadron to Algiers where its presence forced the Day to agree to American terms. The squadron then sailed in turn to Tunis and Tripoli and successfully demanded indemnities for violations of treaties with the United States during the recent American war with England.

In September, Spitfire headed home and was laid up until she was sold on 3 April 1816.