USS Scout I
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Scout I

Scout I

(Launch: dp. 40; 1. 60'6"; b. 13'; dr. 5'6"; s. 11 k.;
a. 1 3-pdr., 1 mg.)

The first Scout, formerly Patrol, built for the United States Customs Service in 1903 at Astoria, Oreg., was taken over by the United States Revenue Cutter Service in May 1914 placed in service in the United States Coast Guard on 8 March 1915, and assigned to the Puget Sound area. With the entry of the United States into World War I in April 1917, Coast Guard personnel and units were taken into the Navy, and for the next 28 months, Scout served in the Navy as a patrol boat in the Puget Sound area, based at Port Townsend. She was returned to the Treasury Department on 28 August 1919. Renamed AB-11 in 1923, the launch served the Coast Guard until 1930.