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(MB: t. 9; 1. 36'2"; b. 7'2"; dr. 2'3"; s. 10 k.)

Sanda, ex-M.V.H., a wooden motor boat built in 1917 by W. E. Haff of New York, was purchased from H. C. Cushing, Jr., New York, N.Y., and delivered to the Navy on 26 September 1917. Placed in service in the 3d Naval District, she served in the New York area through the remainder of World War I and assisted in postwar activities during 1919. Placed out of service on 2 January 1920, Sanda was designated YP-3 on 17 July and was loaned to the New York City Dock Department in November in exchange for a Herreshoff boat. Through the next two decades, she continued to serve the city of New York. On 26 April 1941, she was reacquired by the Navy but was declared unfit for service. On 10 January 1942, she was designated a small boat; and, in April, her hull was destroyed by burning. Four and one-half years later, the United Crane and Shovel Co. of New Jersey was authorized to take possession of what remained of the former YP.