USS Roque
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Roque AG-137

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An island off the coast of Maine.

(AG-137: dp. 935 (f.); l. 177'; b. 32'; dr. 10'; s. 13 k.; cpl. 26; el. A~ISO)

Roque, built in 1944 by the Kewaunee ShiD Building Co. Kewaunee, Wise., for the Army as freight supply ship FS-S47, was acquired by the Navy at Subic Bay, Philippine Islands, 21 February 1947; renamed and reclassified Roque (AG-137) on 3 April 1947; and commissioned at Guam, 2 May 1947.

On 11 June she relieved LSM-437 at Guam. She subsequently steamed on Pacific logistic and surveillance runs visiting various ports in the Marianas, Marshalls, Carolines Philippines, Bonins, Admiralties, and Hawaiian Islands. Roque was reclassified AKL-8 on 31 March1949. Completing her 4-year naval careet, she was decommissioned at Guam 23 July 1951 and loaned to the Department of the Interior then struck from the Navy list 29 January 1952 and transferred to the Interior Department. She has since served with a civilian crew supplying the Trust Territories.