USS Rondo II
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Rondo II

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Rondo II

(Id. No. 2488: dp. 15,300,1. 468' b. 55'11", dr. 28'6" (mean);
dph. 35'7"; s. 12 k.; cpl. 70; a. 1 5", 1 3")

The second Rondo was launched during 1914 by Rotterdam DroogDock Maatsehappij as a steel freighter for the Nederland Stoomvaart Maatsehappij and interned during World War I at New York. She was seized during March1918 bv customs officials along with 88 other Duteh ships, 31 of which entered U.S. naval service. Rondo was commissioned 28 March1918 for service in the Naval Overseas Transportation Service Lt. Comdr. Paul C. Grening, USNRF, in command.

Departing New York 12 April 1918, Rondo steamed to Norfolk to load Army supplies for U.S. forces in Europe. Rondo subsequently made two round-trip convoy voyages across the Atlantie between 7 May and 5 September 1918, unloading cargo at La Palliee, Verdon, and Bordeaux, France.

Rondo was fitted for service as a horse transport during September 1918 under U.S. Shipping Board account. As an animal transport, she made one voyage to Montevideo, Uruguay, arriving 16 February 1919. Returning northward to Boston to unload her cargo, Rondo was later assigned duty carrying food to Europe. After engine trouble onee forced her back into port, Rondo reached Falmouth, England, 28 May 1919. Steaming on to Amsterdam, Rondo was decommissioned and returned to her owner 21 June 1919. Rondo remained in Nederland Stoomvaart Maatsehappij service until scrapped during 1933.