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(Launch No. 685:1. 71'; b. 12'6"; cl. Launch No. 681)

Rivera was launched 12 February 1907 by the Cavite Navy Yard, Luzon, Philippine Islands, as the wooden, 150-horsepower, self-propelled working latmeh No. 68.5 and completed during April 1908. Working launch No. 685 operated as district craft in the 16th Naval District (Philippine Islands) until the early 1920's when she was placed out of service. She was reclassified as a yard ferry, YFB-685, on 17 July 1920 and named Rivera in 1921. Rivera was again placed in service about June 1924 to replace YFB-2494 and YFB 4753 in local transport service at Cavite Naval Station. Although scheduled to be replaced by 1933, Rivera was still in service on the outbreak of World War II in the Pacific, but was lost on 2 January 1942 during the struggle for Luzon. Rivera was struck from the Navy list on 24 July 1942.