USS Recruit II
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Recruit II TDE-1

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Recruit II

(TDE-1: 1. 102'0"; b. 12'4"; a. 1 3", 2 dcp.; cl. Recruit)

Built to scale, exactly one-third the size of a destroyer escort, and commissioned 27 July 1949, the second Recruit served for 18 years as the only landlocked commissioned ship in the Navy. "Sailing" on a sea of eonerete at the Naval Training Center in San Diego, she trained over 50 000 new recruits yearly in the fundamentals of shipboard drills and

procedures with the use of standard deck and bridge gear found on all vessels, including lifelines, accommodation ladder, signal halyards, searchlights, engine order telegraph, and helm, but not engines and screw. She decommissioned in March 1967.