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Provo AG-173

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(AG-173: dp. 15,199 (f); 1. 455'3"; b. 62', d. 28'5"; s. 17 k.;
cpl. 50; a. none; cl. Phoen1z)

Provo, a special projects ship, was laid down 28 April 1945; launched 17 June 1945 by Oregon Shipbuilding Corporation, Portland, Ore.; sponsored by Miss Anna P. Burkhalter and delivered as Drew Victory 14 July 1945. While in merchant marine service, she was subsequently renamed California and Utah.

On 2 March 1963, she was acquired by MSTS from the Maritime Administration, and renamed Provo, 20 November 1962, with the designation of Speeial Projeet ShiD (AG-173). In July 1963, she and two other MSTS ships, Cheyenne and Phoeni~, were stationed at Subie Bay, Philippines as Forward Floating Denots. This mis.sion eoneept involved the use of depot ships for floating storage and issuance of vital military ~naterials in meeting eontingeneies. The operational anDlication of the eoneept was tested in 1964 in operation "Quick Release "

The shin is currently acting as a wint to point cargo carrier, delivering military supplies to Okinawa and Viet Nam from stocking points in Japan and Subic Bay.