USS Prometheus I
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Prometheus I

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Prometheus I

(Sch: dp. 290; 1. 82'; b. 27'; dph. 11'4"; a. 1 32pdr., 4 18pdrs.,
4 9pdrs.)

Prometheus, a hermaphrodite schooner, was built by William Seguin, Philadelphia, Pa.; purchased in 1814 by the l~avy from l~ressrs. Savage and Dryan, the originaf owners, as the brig Escape, commissioned and renamed Promethus, she was fitted out at Philadelphia by Master Commandant J. J. Nicholson.

In March-May 1815 she made a cruise to the West Indies to earry U.S. Senators Fromeatin and Brown to Havana. She sailed for E:urope 14 August 1816 to take Mr. Coles, special messenger from the President of the United States to the Emperor of Russia, returning to Boston 25 November. In 1817 she was employed in surveying the U.S. coast north of Newport, R.I., and in 1818 she operated along the southern coast and at New Orleans. In October 1818 she was pronounced unseaworthy and decommissioned. Prometheus WM dismantled and sold at auction at New Orleans in 1819.