USS Baron De Kalb
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Baron De Kalb

StWGbt: T 512; l 175'; b. 51'2"; dr. G' s. 9 mph. cpl. 251; a. 2 8" S. B., 4 42 par. R., 7 32-pdr. S. B.; cl. Cairo )

St. Louis, stern wheel casemate gunboat, was rebuilt by James B. Eads, Carondelet, Mo., for the War Department. She was launched as St. Louis 12 October 1861 and joined the Western Gunboat Fleet.

During 1832 St. Louis, under the command of Lieutenant I' Paulding, was attached to Rear Admiral A. H. Foote's squadron and participated in the capture of Fort Henry on the Tennessee River (8 February 1862). She served as flagship tor the squadron when it assisted the Union Army at the capture of Fort Donelson on the Cumberland River (14-16 February 1862). Between April and June 1862, she operated against Fort Pillow' Tenn. St. Loius was renamed Baron De Kalb 8 September 1862. On 1 October 1862 Baron De Kalb was transferred to the Navy Department. During 21-28 December she took part in the Yazoo Expedition and participated in the action at Drumwould's Bluff (28 December).

During 1863 Baron De Kalb took part in the capture of Arkansas Post (1~11 January) - expedition up the White River (12 14 January), capture of the battery at Duvall's Gulf (16 January); Yazoo Pass Expedition (20 February 5 April); action at Fort Pemberton (11-13 March); action at Haines' Bluff (29 April-2 May, 18 May); action at Yazoo City, Miss. (20-23 May), and the Yazoo River Expedition (24-31 May). On 13 July 1863 Baron De Kalb was sunk by a torpedo in the Yazoo River, one mile below Yazoo City, Miss.