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USS Constellation

I came on board while Constellation was in drydock at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, WA in 1975. when Connie was redesignated "CV" from "CVA" following a complex overhaul to the flight deck, enabling her to deploy with the S-3A and F-14 Tomcat. I spent most of the time on 'firewatch', assigned to a welder. After the overhaul all dependents and their household goods and vehicles were loaded onto the carrier and we cruised to NAS San Diego. Shortly thereafter we sailed to Long Beach for repairs on the propeller. (That's what we were told).

—Posted by Nicholas Risch

The "Connie" was the first ship that I had ever set foot on and the last. I enjoyed the experiences, working the flight deck, then eventually striking as a Corpsman. I had some pretty good times and great memories of her.The "Connie" was the first ship that I had ever set foot on and the last. I enjoyed the experiences, working the flight deck, then eventually striking as a Corpsman. I had some pretty good times and memories of that ship.

—Posted by J. David Checkon

Boarded Connie in Jan 64. Left for West Pac 64 in May. Returned stateside Feb 1965. Was supposed to be a 6 month cruise but the girls of Olongapo told us our first liberty that we would not return to the states until Feb.
I spent 30 days in V-3 then went to V-1 Stayed in V-1 for about 1 year. Made AE-3 went to V-6. Spent about 30 days in shop then went back to Flight Deck as Flight Deck Electrician. Best duty I ever had.

Posted by Bill Taylor


I long for the nights when at 2400hrs.I would go to workout in the weight room. In between sets I would go to the anchor chain and look down to the ocean surface below illuminated by the night sky. Afterwards I would go the observation deck and watch night ops before going below to the mess decks and have breakfast before heading back to VAW-126 maintenance control. HAWKEYES RULE!!!!

Posted by Walter O. Johnson


I remember as a Plank Owner (working the flight deck) of the Safety Dept. We tried to get the fire hoses pressure tested, which it appeared the Air Dept was not going to comply, so, CDR Mudget (Safety Officer) ask for a fire drill on a the last landing aircraft. When the fire hoses were charged they looked like a sprinkler hose. The point was driven home and other departments started to comply with ship safety. Also got pictures of the Air Gunner and Cag Gunner standing in front of a Bullpup missile being armed. They were looking to get killed. Keep it safe out there. I am now a LT/USN retired. Working for a contractor with the Joint Spectrum Center do Joint Operation Ordnance work.

Posted by William E. Edwards Jr (AO)


Sailor=Art Messenger
Service Dates=1960-1964

On August 7th of this year (2003) this proud ship was decommissioned. It was a sad day for me because I can remember vividly being part of the original crew that commissioned her in 1961. I witnessed the first catapult launch, arrested landing, terrior missle firing, the shooting down and ultimate capture of Ltjg. Everett Alvarez one of the longest held prisoners of the Viet Nam campaign and and countless other notable events.
The pride that the crew of this great ship felt throughout its remarkable career is said to be second to none.
Her latest success, the Persian Gulf War was one of her finest deployments and proved that she was not only sea worthy but battle ready as well. We who served aboard her will keep "Connie" in out hearts forever and to us she will never retire.

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