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Albert David DE-1050

Albert J. Myer

(ARC-6: dp. 7,815; 1. 334'; b. 47.1'; dr. 25'3/4"; s. 14 k.; cpl. 55;
cl. Neptune; T. S3-S2-BP1)

Albert J. Myer was Iaid down on 14 April 1945 at Wilmington Del., by Pusey & Jones Corp. under a Maritime Commission contract (MC hull 2558); launched on 7 November 1945, sponsored by Mrs. Grace Salisbury Ingles, the wife of Major General Harry C. Ingles, commanding officer of the Army Signal Corps and delivered to the Maritime Commission on 17 May 1946.

Since World War II ended some eight months before her completion, Albert J. Myer was consigned to the Maritime Commission's reserve fleet until sometime in the early 1950's when she was taken over by the Army for service with its Transportation Service. That duty lasted until 1966 when she was transferred to the Navy and designated a cable repair ship ARC-6. Manned by a civil service crew, USNS Albert J. Myer began active service with the Military Sea Transportation Service (MSTS). Though administratively assigned to MSTS Atlantic she has served all over the seven seas. As of late 1986, USNS Albert J. Myer was still active with the Military Sealift Command (MSC), the successor organization to MSTS.